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Omg that was sooo good :)

a game full of personality, felt like always was something going on, as in a real twitch stream. Really liked the art & music

i will not work for me I've tried multiple times and i absolutely wanna play this game it looks amazing!!Hope i can get into the game soon!!!

Deleted 3 years ago
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Was this the error you were getting: "call_indirect to a null table entry (evaluating 'Module["asm"]["Hi"].apply(null,arguments)')"? If so the game will work for you at this link:

Wow, really awesome pixel art and a surprisingly fun mechanic that reminds me of Papers, Please. I would love to see it fleshed out, and in higher resolution (still pixel art, just more pixels)

Thanks so much for playing! It definitely is good feedback, the screen gets a bit busy haha.

Insane work ! Very fun

Thank you for the support!

Nice job bro

yo good job on stream!

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Thanks, it was a pretty hard game but at least i finished it tho.

I love this game! Visuals are nice and great theming. Reminds me a lot of Papers Please, I assume inspiration was taken?


Thanks for the support! We actually started out the design with playing as the streamer and using instructions from chat. But when we decided to do moderating we realized it would be similar to Papers Please.