Hey, uh, who's been steering the ship?

Get to the controls while your ship tumbles in space!

Play in fullscreen on a chromium based browser for an epic experience!

Made by Austin and Devyn for GMTK2020. Thanks for checking out our 3rd jam!

Special Thanks:

Gavin Brooks - Game Music. Check out his work!

Jack Oakley - Pixel Inversion font

Daniel Linssen - m6x11 font

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
TagsMusic, Pixel Art, Real-Time, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

Development log


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very fun

8... seconds... left...

Amazing gameplay and the spinning scenario feels perfectly out of control during the gameplay. Well done!

The game makes a strong impression on basically all fronts - presentation, polish, game feel, level design, writing... this game does it all. The only complaint (borderlining on nitpick) is that its concept is not very original - though honestly I don't think it matters that much, considering the strength of everything else. Great entry.

too easy, finished with 119 second left 3/5

This was fantastic. I died quite a few times, but it never felt unfair, the controls felt great

The most complete and fun game I've played in this jam. Clockwise rotation!

The shifting gravity was implemented really well, and is nicely complimented by the level design. Very fun to play!

PS: #WalljumpGang

got a score of 186 with 0 deaths

As far as I know you have the high score!

(1 edit)

yesssssss, i shall break the record again!

nice job bro




Love it! The ONLY gripe is its hard to see the fire on the sun. Well done.

Thank you for playing!

Make sure to return the favor lol. https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020/rate/694891

Nice work! The constantly imposing sun was a great touch. I didn't make it.

Nooo! I know you can make it next time. Thanks for playing!

the music added that extra sense of dread 

nice one... clockwise rotation :-)


Very polished game. Pretty basic platformer but well made and I like the rotating.

Thank you!

Very cool game, well done man (I especially like the artwork) :]

Thank you!

Great fun, music fits really well.